Is PornHub Premium Worth It?

Is PornHub Premium worth it? This seems to be one of the most popular questions we get. Let me help you out guys:

Short answer: HELL YEAH!

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The major benefits of a PornHub Premium membership:

  • Better content
  • High-quality content
  • No ads
  • Better privacy protection
  • Bonus: full VR support
  • Bonus: smart sex toy support

Now let’s go to the long answer:

The expensive side of the internet’s favourite adult tube is a different beast to the multitude of porn videos they offer for free. The site serves as a rite of passage for any hormone-addled individual, most likely when you are too young to consider actually paying for porn in any serious capacity. When I first discovered the joys of smut, I could barely afford a phone contract, let alone a PornHub membership. But any true connoisseur of the fine hardcore art form knows truly brilliant porn comes at a price. And that price is a modest monthly fee.

Then you receive the keys to the kingdom.

To quote the Lord’s Prayer – thy kingdom certainly will make you cum. I never did pay much attention in religious studies, but I have spent enough time on PornHub Premium to know one thing:

It is absolutely worth every penny of the subscription.

But what’s better – it’s entirely free during the COVID crisis. The folks over at PornHub are a generous bunch, and they knew a lot of people would stuck at home with nothing to do. So they offered their ultimate service for free. Not only was this a morale-boosting act of charity, it also served as a genius piece of advertising. The guys at head office know they are offer the best porn service on the internet, which is why they were more than happy to give you it for free for a limited time.

Experiencing PornHub Premium is like tasting your first Big Mac. No other fast-food burger hits the spot once you take the plunge. Going back to PornHub’s free site would be like saying, ‘no thanks, MacDonald’s. I’ll stick with wholemeal toast.’ Sure, it is still food – but it doesn’t hit the same spot.

So, what makes PornHub Premium delicious?

I should probably backtrack because my metaphor no longer makes sense. PornHub Premium is not a Big Mac. It is the greatest all-you-can-eat porn buffet on the market. As a reviewer, I’ve experienced a lot of adult movie memberships in my time. Some great. Some not-so-great. I adore Brazzers and Reality Kings, but to have both costs upwards of $70. PornHub actually offers content from a huge list of rival networks, so you never have to pick between two subscriptions again. They have deals with the aforementioned Brazzers and Reality Kings, as well as the ever-popular FakeHub and a host of other porn providers. This means your membership stretches a lot further than any others currently on the market. You also get access to the full videos, so you’ll never find a scene fading to black right before the glorious cum-shot. Your wank should not end with you feeling short-changed, and PornHub Premium is the only way to ensure this never happens.

If you needed any more convincing, I have two words for you: NO ADVERTS!

I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve been close to shooting my load, only to lose my erection over a weird-looking grandma playing with her beaver in a mature dating site advertisement. Just kidding, I didn’t lose the boner. However, I did feel a great deal of shame afterwards. I still can’t look my granny in the eye.

But the point still remains: porn is better without pop-ups and adverts. You’ll never be distracted by anything that is going to get in the way of the titillation and joyful depravity on-screen. That is worth the price of membership alone.

I’m also happy to say PornHub Premium only show videos in stunning Full HD. A lot of content even comes in ridiculous 4K Definition. I ran a comparison test between both versions of the site. The jump in quality is mind-boggling, especially if, like myself, you have a lube fetish. Trust me, there’s nothing sexier than a woman covered in oil in 4K picture quality. With not a single pixel going to waste, you will undoubtedly find a new level of eroticism in every video you come across.

So, have I convinced you to purchase PornHub Premium? If you have the money, it’s definitely worth the price of a subscription. In fact, the only negative is if you believe your soul will burn in hell for getting off on the likes of Riley Reid and Joanna Angel.

Still, it’s worth the risk when PornHub Premium is this spectacular. And don’t forget to go for the free 7 day trial! Enjoy!

Try out PornHub Premium for free:

7 Day Free Trial TRIAL membership

Try out Pornhub Premium for FREE!
FREE! Grab Deal
Lifetime discount: rebills at $9.99 during your subscription.

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