Who The F*ck Are You Guys?

Well, we’re just porn fanatics, probably just like you. After years of ‘free’ porn on those huge tubes, we were in for a level up: premium porn. Yes, we pay for porn. Is that so bad? Nah, it’s more like the ultimate luxury. We pay simply because we can. But, we don’t like to pay too much. That’s why we’ve started PronCoupon: to give a complete overview of the best porn site discounts and porn site coupons.

How Can You Offer Such Big Discounts, Like 70 – 90% Off?

Professional porn companies want to make money. Not by spamming you with ads, but by offering you a great deal. Most sites buy bandwidth and server space in advance to make sure they can offer huge amounts of streaming content to every place on earth. But, if the big rush of bandwidth is not completely used, they end up with unused infrastructure. So they try to sell it at a discount, otherwise they wouldn’t make any money.

Other sites just want to keep you as a customer for a longer time. The longer you sign up for, the higher the discount.

The smaller premium porn sites just want to show you that their content is worth every penny. With a nice discount, they can let more people in to see that. Hoping that you are willing to pay for it.

Do I Always Need A Coupon Or Discount Code?

Most of the times you don’t need a coupon. The deals we showcase lead you to a unique URL where the discounts are already applied. It’s important to follow these URL’s, since the usual landing pages show you other prices!

You Show A Different Price Than On The Merchants Site?

Sometimes, due to your location and IP-address, you see another price on the landing page that the one that we display. We always show prices in USD, but if you’re in another area with another currency, they will show you your local currency.

Also, your browser cache or other cookie can sometimes work against you. If the difference is completely different, drop us an email so we can hook you up for the right price!

What’s Up With Those 1-2-3-Day Trial Accounts?

Well, those are for pussies. LOL. No, these are just to give you a short peek inside the member area. It’s very important that you upgrade or cancel your subscription before the trial ends, since those trials usually rebill at a non-discounted price. You’re better of with the longer term promotions we list.

What Is A Lifetime Discount?

That means that you’ll be rebilled for the same amount every period, as long as you stay a member of the site.

Any Useful Tips?

Buy Amazon Stock! LOL

If you’re into paid porn, we have some great tips:

  • Go for the multi-site networks. They offer the most content in a wide variety of niches
  • Don’t go for the trial memberships. They are a good way to give a little try, but it’s usually rebilled at a higher price.
  • Before you hit that subscribe button after filling in all your details, please look if there aren’t any pre-checked cross-sales items on your order. Some sites try to cross-sell a membership to one of their other sites.
  • Want the biggest discount? Go for the 12-month memberships.
  • Want to be flexible? Pick a lifetime deal at a good price. You can cancel every month anyway.

If you have any questions, let us know, we’re glad to help.


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