We have a ‘thing’ on respecting your privacy. Unlike many (or better: all) other adult websites, we don’t spam you with ads and we don’t track you down with aggressive cookies. We do not store any personal details and we never ask for it. No, we keep it simple.

We only receive your IP address when you arrive at our websites and we can see where you came from (from a refferal, search engine, social media etc.). This is just how the World Wide Web works.

We use IP addresses primarily to optimize website presentation, control website access, and improve server performance. IP addresses may also be used to help identify visitors and to gather broad demographic information. We also collect information on which pages of our website you visit while you are on our website, the type of browser you use and the times you access our website. We use this information only to try to understand our visitors preferences better and to manage the load on our servers, so as to improve our service and your experience with our website.

“Cookies” are small files of data that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you as a prior visitor if you return to our website using the same computer and browser. We send a “session cookie” to your computer if and when you visit our website. This cookie allow us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages in our site during the same session. Once you leave our website out or close your browser, these session cookies expire and no longer have any effect.

We’ve tried to keep it simple, but if you still have any questions regarding this privacy statement, please contact us at atomicpete555 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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